8 tips to get rid of negative energy from your life

Negative energy affects all of us and more often than we realize. Because for many of us, negative thinking comes easier than positive. 

On a bright sunny day when everything in life your seems to go smoothly, do you find yourself expecting a worst case scenario? I am guilty of feeling like this, and it comes from the negative belief I have had all my life. That is, life should not be perfect and that something is supposed to go wrong all the time.

Surely, life comes with ups and downs. But actively expecting a down when everything is going right in your life can create unnecessary worries. It is said that we are wired to expect danger because our ancestors who lived in the wild had to be alert all the time, to stay safe. 

But since we don’t live in that age and there is no potential danger anymore, we don’t need to live with this stress.

So how do we release this negative energy, these negative thoughts that serve no good?

Glad you asked. 

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how to remove negative energy from your life

1. Watch your feelings

Your feelings can tell you if you are emanating positive or negative energy right now. If you feel good, happy, excited or content, then you are emitting negative energy.

If you feel sad, jealous, unworthy or angry you are emitting negative energy. But feeling these negative emotions don’t make you negative. These emotions are necessary and it is important to have them too since that makes us human. Because if you don’t know what sadness is, you can’t fully experience joy.

But it is essential to note whether these are your dominant feelings on any day of your life.

Do you feel constantly angry or sad? If so, you have to find ways to release them. Here is an article on how to release negative emotions in a positive way.

And also please check if the emotional imbalance is due to any medical condition.

2. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones

You experience negative feelings due to internal or external circumstances. You feel angry because someone did wrong to you or you had some negative thoughts in your mind. Whatever be the circumstance you can always control the reaction. 

You can, and should, acknowledge you are angry. But you should also release it instead of living with it. When you let anger or resentment or grief to live inside you for prolonged periods, you become a bitter person. 

And who wants to live as a negative person? And nobody likes to hang out with a person who sends out negative vibes constantly. So feel through your negative emotion when it comes and release it after some time. Don’t bottle it up.

smile-how to remove negative energy from your life

3. Do deep breathing: a game changer

I have accumulated a lot of emotional garbage and feelings of low self-worth in my mind over the years. Therefore, I have been doing some spiritual cleansing for the past few weeks. It is really helping and my mindset has improved. I don’t feel unworthy anymore and my confidence has doubled.

Recently I came across Britt and Tara of elevatetheglobe.com. They teach people how to increase their energy and vibration through Kundalini yoga practices. I can’t speak about Kundalini yoga now because I haven’t yet practiced it. 

But I did some deep breathing techniques they teach and it has really helped me to increase my energy and feel happier. I feel instantly uplifted after the meditation session which takes only 3 minutes. Now I start my mornings with it because I crave for that positive energy and vibes. In case you want to know, I bought this 21-day challenge workbook (link below) and do the meditation they teach as part of the challenge. 

I was truly amazed to experience such a shift in energy by doing only deep breathing so I looked up how deep conscious breathing helps us.

Here is what I found:

  • Breathing helps to release anxiety and calms you down. Have you noticed how you breathe when you are stressed? You take short breaths through your chest. Your heart rate and your blood pressure increases. Now think about how you breathe when you are relaxed. You take slow breaths. So when you do deep breathing meditation you are signaling your brain to relax, because that’s how you breathe when you are relaxed. And you really feel relaxed. 
  • It oxygenates your body. When you breathe deeply, your lungs are filled to their full capacity and it helps to oxygenate your entire body. It helps to increase immunity and prevent diseases.  It’s no wonder we feel more energetic after a deep breathing session because it is providing more oxygen to all our cells and improving our circulation providing more energy.

And there are tons of other benefits to deep breathing, but I am not going to dive into them, because here we are talking about how to bring more positive energy into your life by getting rid of negative energy.

And during deep breathing, it helps to imagine you are inhaling all the positive things like happiness and abundance and exhaling anxiety, worries, negativity, lack, etc.

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4. Avoid gossiping and gossipers

Energy is contagious. Avoid people who spread negative energy. Gossiping is a big stealer of positive energy. When you gossip, you focus on the negatives of others. You focus on lack and you judge others when you are not perfect yourself. 

When you constantly think about the faults of others, you are filling your mind with negative energy. 

And you never know how you are impacting the lives of the person you are gossiping about. Gossips spread like wildfire and often gets distorted by the time it gets passed through ten people. You don’t want to bring such negativity in this world, do you?

Gossiping is also the result of the deep unhappiness you have inside you. You try to bring the frustration out by blaming others. But the truth is, it only brings more negativity to your mind. Find out the root cause of your unhappiness and try to solve it. Try to improve your own negative traits rather than focusing on other people. Becoming a happier person requires you to look on the brighter side that helps you to look at the positives of other people too. 

It is important to avoid people who spread negativity and more important is to not become one.

But it mightn’t be always easy to avoid people especially if the concerned person is a loved one. In such situations, what I have found helpful is to shield yourself from the negativity by simply deciding not to let it affect you. If you do your spiritual work daily(meditation, affirmation, etc), especially as part of your morning routine, you are more empowered. And as it becomes a habit, the outer circumstances don’t bother you much. Your inner world is so strong that you can instantly identify negativity when it comes your way and defend it. 

Meditation is a powerful practice. When you meditate, you learn to acknowledge your feelings and let them go without letting it affect you. Mediation is basically observe-acknowledge-letting go. And that’s what you do when dealing with negativity too. Acknowledge it’s negative and let it go as you are just a passive observer.

Gossiping-how to get rid of negative energy from your life

5. look for solutions rather than complain.

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness

Complaining leads to more complaining, and stress. We all like to vent about the bad weather or the angry boss.

 When you complain you are acting from a place of ingratitude. It feeds the negativity inside you. And you are left with only feelings of lack and worry. Complaining also produces stress hormones in your body resulting in ailments like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. 

Become more solution-oriented. When you feel like complaining, ask yourself,

“Does my complaining solve this problem?”

If yes, 

“Am I complaining to the right person who has the authority to solve my problem?” 

If yes, good.

If not, you are just wasting time and energy by complaining to random people. Think about what you can do to solve the problem. Or if it is something you can’t find a solution right now, try to be grateful.

No matter how many issues you have in life to complain about, there are so many other things that you can be grateful about. It immediately shifts your attention from negativity to positivity and you feel an immediate release of negative energy.

Next time when you feel like complaining, make a forced shift in your perspective. And make it a habit whenever you start to complain. Over time you will become a more positive person and your life will change for the better.

For example, when you start to complain about the traffic, think about how lucky you are to be able to drive that car. Not everyone has the luxury to buy a car or not everyone is healthy enough to drive. Gratitude has the power to shift your mood immediately from a poor mindset to an abundant one. 

There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.

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6. Journal your negative thoughts

As I said, it is essential for your health to feel through negative emotions. But after that, you have to release them effectively so that those thoughts don’t circle in your mind again and again. 

Journaling is an effective way to dump your thoughts somewhere ( I mean paper) and clear them from your head. Once you release them from your head, you get better clarity and feel good to move forward as you are no more stuck with the negative energy. 

So if you had kept a diary during your teenage years to express your frustrations, don’t leave that habit yet. It works well for any age and for people of any profession (journaling is not just for writers and nerds). It doesn’t make you uncool either. 

In fact, many doctors recommend journaling for depression, anxiety and mental health. If you feel you are stuck with a negative thought brewing in your mind, get a journal and start writing. It helps you find what exactly is bothering you and confront those emotions. 

journaling- how to get rid of negative energy from your life

7. Declutter to remove negativity 

Physical clutter causes mental clutter. How do you feel when you go to a home where all the objects are neatly kept in their place and fresh air is coming in through the windows?

And how do you feel when you go to a house where all objects are strewn around and you can’t even sit on a sofa without the fear of something poking on your rear. 

Even though you might think you are okay with the clutter, it affects you. You get the negative vibes and it impacts your mood. 

To get rid of negative energy, start decluttering your home. Go through your stuff and get rid of the ones that you haven’t used in a year. It is said that if you haven’t used it in a year, you probably won’t use it anymore. 

But we cling onto our possessions fearing, “What if I need it in the future?”. And thus we accumulate things and clutter our houses. Many times, I have found that I don’t even remember the object for a long time I had a hard time giving up. 

According to Feng Shui, clutter blocks positive energy from entering your home. Clutter, be it physical or mental, draws energy from you. Some studies show that it is difficult for our brains to stay focused in a cluttered environment. 

8. Walk in nature

 Studies show that a walk in nature can reduce your negative thoughts. And it also helps to improve immunity, to lower blood pressure, to boost mood, to enhance creativity, etc. It is also the reason many people grow indoor plants like cactus, lucky bamboo, etc. Plants purify the air by neutralizing toxic indoor gasses and releasing oxygen into space. They make sure there is a better flow of positive energy into space. 


I hope these tips will help you to become more aware of the negative energy in your life. Awareness is the first step to solving a problem. When you put these tips into action, you will be slowly able to become a more positive person and protect yourself from negativity easily.

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5 thoughts on “8 tips to get rid of negative energy from your life”

  1. Wonderful write-up! So simple yet highly effective ..feeling motivated just at first reading ..thanks a lot!

  2. All of these were spot on! I feel you especially nailed it with numbers 4 and 5. Gossiping is so easy but you don’t realize that you are only focusing on the negatives, thus taking away from the positive energy. I also agree that complaining doesn’t get you anywhere. I’m a big believer that if you are unhappy with something, you should make a change rather than continue to complain about it.

    This was an awesome read! 🙂

  3. yes !!! i was done to using gossiping with my friends when i feel low and when i complaining about my problems with them i didn’t even realise that while doing this i am increasing my negativity. thanks to you to knowing me this……from today i will try to loose my negative thoughts and that negative energy by using these really good tips……

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