20 Proven Time Management Tips to Get More Done in Less Time

To live a fulfilling life, we need to learn to manage our time efficiently.  Why? Time never waits for anyone.  Whether you are happy or sad, feeling motivated or not, time always passes.  But some people get everything done despite having only 24 hours in their day(like the rest of us) and numerous roles to […]


How to Stop Wasting Time and Start Living Purposefully

If you start your day with intention, it means you are being proactive. You intend to do a workout, improve your knowledge, and are certain about what tasks you will do that day.  You don’t allow events outside your control to affect your mood and you avoid pointless debates about politics, current affairs, or celebrity


How to stay productive during a crisis

It’s April 2020. The way the world is changing around us is affecting all of us in different ways. There is anxiety, fear, sadness, frustration, and many different feelings coming to visit us. This happens not only during a global health crisis but during any personal life crisis we face.  This post is about staying focused

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8 things you must do on a Sunday for a productive week

Ever felt you can do more during weekdays but you end each week feeling disappointed?  Everyone likes a productive day. Because, at the end of the day, you slip under your blanket feeling content and happy. But some days don’t go as planned. But that’s okay since all our days are not meant to be the

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45 productive things to do instead of social media

Can you imagine life without your smartphone? It’s hard.  What about a life without social media?  That’s hard too.  I often reminisce about the simple life we had before smartphones. And I often worry about how impatient the human race has become because of the instant availability of everything.  What is more worrying is how

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