45 things to stop buying as a minimalist

Minimalism is a journey.  You don’t get up one day and make a list of things to stop buying just like that.  It is a journey that you undertake in which you slowly realize what you really need in life and what you don’t.  Therefore, this list cannot be comprehensive and can change from one person […]


What is minimalism?: A beginner’s guide

I have always been drawn to minimalist living since I can remember.  What is minimalism? Minimalism is a way of living where you intentionally choose to own things that matter to you and get rid of everything that is in excess.  Minimalism doesn’t mean you get rid of all your belongings just to say you


How to simplify your life and be happy

I am stepping into my early thirties with a valuable life lesson I learned in my twenties. That less is more. For many years, I searched for happiness in my external world (we all do that, don’t we?). We think that the next big raise is going to make us happy or getting that “big

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