How to stay patient when going through tough times

Tough times are inevitable in everyone’s life. Whether we like it or not, we have to go through the experiences that life throws at us.  So, what can we do to get through the tough times?  **This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you […]

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45 productive things to do instead of social media

Can you imagine life without your smartphone? It’s hard.  What about a life without social media?  That’s hard too.  I often reminisce about the simple life we had before smartphones. And I often worry about how impatient the human race has become because of the instant availability of everything.  What is more worrying is how

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What is minimalism?: A beginner’s guide

I have always been drawn to minimalist living since I can remember.  What is minimalism? Minimalism is a way of living where you intentionally choose to own things that matter to you and get rid of everything that is in excess.  Minimalism doesn’t mean you get rid of all your belongings just to say you


18 signs you are addicted to your cell phone

Statistics of surveys conducted on smartphone users show that,  Smartphone users check their phone, on average, 63 times a day 86% use it while talking to friends and family 35% check their phone within 5 minutes of waking up More than 80% check their phone within an hour after getting up/ before going to sleep


How to simplify your life and be happy

I am stepping into my early thirties with a valuable life lesson I learned in my twenties. That less is more. For many years, I searched for happiness in my external world (we all do that, don’t we?). We think that the next big raise is going to make us happy or getting that “big


Beat smartphone addiction: How to use your phone more mindfully

On January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone ever. “ A revolutionary mobile phone” and a “breakthrough internet communications device” were the words he said about the device that he proudly introduced to the world. His words can’t be truer, right? This invention changed our lives forever.  Our lives became faster and easier. 

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