20 toxic things to remove from your life to live peacefully

As you age, you start to get more aware of the way the world works. You start to realize how negativity affects you. The more you learn and work on improving your life, you learn you need to let go of certain negative things in life.  Only when you release these negative things from life,


How to break bad habits (12 effective tips)

Habits are fascinating.  They save us from a lot of hard work because our brains don’t have to learn our routines from scratch every single day. Habits save time and energy and help our brains to work efficiently. But habits become a problem when they don’t serve us in a good way. We might have


How to stay productive during a crisis

It’s April 2020. The way the world is changing around us is affecting all of us in different ways. There is anxiety, fear, sadness, frustration, and many different feelings coming to visit us. This happens not only during a global health crisis but during any personal life crisis we face.  This post is about staying focused

Personal Development, Productivity

8 things you must do on a Sunday for a productive week

Ever felt you can do more during weekdays but you end each week feeling disappointed?  Everyone likes a productive day. Because, at the end of the day, you slip under your blanket feeling content and happy. But some days don’t go as planned. But that’s okay since all our days are not meant to be the

Habits, Productivity

How to finally get unstuck and get going with life

We all get stuck in life at one time or the other.  This happens usually when we have big life-changing decisions to make, when life seems monotonous or when you don’t feel fulfilled in your job or relationships.  It feels like nothing new is happening, or you can’t get past certain problems in life. Sometimes

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