20 powerful mantras to help you get through bad days

Have you had days when you felt like getting up from the bed and having a shower is an accomplishment? When bad days come, it can feel like they are never going to end and that you will always live in misery. On such rough days, repeating certain mantras can help you to get through


45 things to stop buying as a minimalist

Minimalism is a journey.  You don’t get up one day and make a list of things to stop buying just like that.  It is a journey that you undertake in which you slowly realize what you really need in life and what you don’t.  Therefore, this list cannot be comprehensive and can change from one person


How to accept change in life and embrace it positively

Change is everywhere. Change is the only constant in life.  From the time of our birth till death, we go through constant changes in life. But in general, people are resistant to change since they are afraid to lose control. And we also like to stay inside our comfort zone even when not all is well

Personal Development

10 effective tips to build belief in yourself and achieve your dreams

Whatever you achieve in life comes as a result of the belief you have in yourself.  There are countless stories of people who have achieved great things in life from unimaginable life circumstances just because they chose to believe in themselves.  This includes not only the famous successful people but also common people like you

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