150 unique reasons to smile and feel grateful right now

Gratitude is like any habit you can develop with practice. 

Why practice gratitude?

Because gratitude is key to happiness in life. There is always something to be grateful for in life. But we need to learn to focus to see what those things are. 

No matter what is going on in life, the Universe always provides us with something we should be grateful for. 

It is when we realize it and express gratitude that we can see how blessed we are. 

In this post, you will find a list of things to be grateful for in life.

In case you feel you don’t have many things to be grateful for in life, read through the list below and you will realize you are more blessed than you think.

1. Parents

They are the people who raised you and they love you unconditionally even when you make mistakes.

They are there for you during all the difficult times supporting and cheering for you even if it is with a silent prayer.  

2. Good health 

Even if you are not fully healthy or suffer from chronic conditions, there are parts of you that are working well compared to people who have it worse than you.

3. Your immune system

For fighting thousands of microorganisms we don’t know and helping us live oblivious of the invisible enemies.

4. Sense of sight

We should be thankful for our ability to see as it allows us to see the beautiful world, see our loved ones, watch movies or shows we love, read the books we want, and because of your eyesight, you can read this now. 

5. Sense of hearing

Be grateful for it because it helps in hearing our voice, the voice of our loved ones, the soothing sounds of nature, and the music that makes us happy. 

6. Sense of smell

For helping us experience all the good and bad smells around us.

7. Sense of touch

It helps us feel our loved ones’ touch and the texture of that cozy blanket. 

8. Home

No matter how far we travel, remember how relieved we feel when we get back home?

No matter how small our living space is, it gives us shelter and comfort and a place to sleep after a long day.

9. Your job

You could be doing a job you love or a job you hate. But no matter what, right now it is providing you for your family’s needs and putting food on the table. 

10. Your body

Not everyone loves their body completely, but think about what a miracle the human body is.

It’s not less than a miracle that our body can coordinate and do all kinds of intricate and involuntary processes that keep us alive. Even when we abuse our bodies with all the harmful and junk items, it does its best to detox and filter them out, helping us keep going for a long time. 

Think about how our body has helped in walking on this beautiful earth, letting us experience all the human experiences – be it positive or negative.

Even if your body is short or tall, in shape or out of shape, and has features you don’t like, give thanks for it as it is no less than a marvel.  


11. Clothes

For covering your body, giving you comfort from the heat and cold and making you look stylish and cool.

12. Pets

Thanks to our pets – they make our lives more lively, comforting, and fluffy. Their silent companionship and pure love are things every pet owner is thankful for. 

13. Early mornings

The rising sun spreading its bright yellow color in the sky and the coolness in the morning air makes you feel fresh and happy. Rising early gives you a different kind of energy.

14. Morning coffee

Who else loves the aroma of freshly brewed hot coffee? And the fact that it gives you an energetic start to your day. 

15. Nature

How many times have you been in awe of the beauty of nature, that you felt blissfully happy? 

It is one thing to be thankful for. Nature has the power to soothe aching hearts and make us feel happier. 

16. Your bed

If you have a comfy bed to curl up at the end of a long day, be grateful. You are luckier than 1.6 billion people in the world (estimated amount of homeless people). 

17. Your mind 

This is one thing that I express gratitude for every single day. Our mind gives us the ability to think and feel. 

In a world where so many people suffer from mental illnesses and where many don’t even have consciousness, let’s be thankful that our minds are working fine. 

18. Hugs

Hugs have been proven to improve happiness and health. If you have people in your life to give warm and tight hugs, you are lucky. 

19. Spouse 

They share life with you and they are with you to share all the little things and all the big things. How beautiful is it?

20. Children

Once you become a parent, your reason for existence changes.

As much as you live for yourself, you also have other people to live for. As a parent, I know that kids become the reason for me to go on when life becomes tough.

21. Clean drinking water

According to WHO, at least 2 billion people around the world do not have access to clean drinking water.

If you have access to clean drinking water 24×7 without having to walk miles to get it, you are luckier than you realize. It’s another thing to express thanks for. 

22. Good friends

Friends listen to us, offer compassion, help, and companionship that humans crave for. They make hard times a little bit easier. 

23. Electricity

Aren’t we fortunate to have electricity and the numerous benefits of it compared to people who didn’t have it hundreds of years ago?

24. Computers 

Since the advent of computers, our lives have become more efficient and less tedious.

25. Technology

Technology has made our lives easier and simpler. And we are able to achieve so many great things because of technology. 

26. Internet

Thanks to the internet, we can connect with friends, family and strangers on the other side of the world easily.

We can get any information we need in an instant and also run so many errands (like paying bills, filling applications, etc) without leaving the comfort of our home. 

27. Smartphones

Smartphones (or cell phones) can be a boon or a blessing depending on how we use them.

Let’s focus on the blessings today. We can see our loved ones, watch videos, read blogs, surf the internet, pay bills, order things, transfer money, listen to music, take awesome pictures, watch movies, and whatnot. 

28. Food ordering apps

I am so thankful for the online food ordering services that let us have our favorite food in the comfort of our home. 

29. Favorite music

Music helps to relax and helps us to pass time feeling happier, and reduce anxiety and depression. 

30. Movies

Be thankful for the movies that inspire you, make you think and simply take you to another world free from the worries of your own, even if for a brief period of time. 

31. Books

Good books have the power to make you think and help you work your imagination. 

32. Comfy winter clothes

When you feel the bone-chilling cold, your comfy jackets and other winter clothes save you from dying. And they are worthy enough to be thanked for. 

33. The smell of freshly baked cake and cookies

Ha! Don’t they put you in an amazing mood? They also evoke good memories you had in your mom’s kitchen when she baked the best cookies in the world. 

34. The holidays

Aren’t we all thankful for the holidays that give us the excuse to eat without watching our diet and share good times with friends and family?

35. Your colleagues

They are there to share your stress and stories at the workplace. They are a source of comfort.

36. Comfy armchair

It offers you a good place to reflect and read.

37. Rain

Anybody else loves watching the rain and drinking a cup of hot coffee? I love how these small things can make a huge impact in my mood and happiness levels. 

38. Snow

The winter season gives you an excuse to stay indoors, sip some hot chocolate, sleep in, and catch some extra sleep. It’s also the season to enjoy skiing and make snow sculptures. 

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39. Sunny days

For making us happy and energetic. 

40. Starry nights

Starry nights make us wonder about the magnificence of the majestic universe and the shortness of our lives.

41. Rainbows

In many cultures, rainbows are a sign of hope. The faith and hope that everything is gonna be alright. 

42. Random acts of kindness

The ability to do random acts of kindness and being the cause of someone’s happiness is an amazing feeling. 

43. Soft pillows and blanket

Give us comfort and relief at the end of a long day. 

44. Ability to learn

This is what helps us to live despite the changes happening in the world and in our own lives. We need to learn new things consistently to survive in the world. 

45. Love

Being able to give and receive love makes us hopeful and thrive in the world.

46. Travel

New places, even in the suburbs of your city, are a breath of fresh air in our hectic lives. Traveling helps to reduce stress and improve mental health. 

47. Public transport

It takes you from point A to point B easily. And the ability to pay for it and use it is another thing to be grateful for.

48. Your car

It gets you everywhere on time and it offers freedom. The freedom to go anywhere you want. 

Next time, when you get in your car, take a moment to be thankful that you had the money to buy your vehicle and that you are healthy enough to drive it, compared to so many people who don’t have it. 

49. School/College

For giving you a platform to learn new things and make connections. Your school provided you with the skills to thrive in the world. 

50. Teachers

Good teachers teach you many things. Apart from formal education, they also teach you life skills and life lessons that make you capable of living in the world. 

51. Hygge

If you don’t know what hygge means, please read this post. Hygge is all about coziness and living focused on the simple day-to-day pleasures of life. 

52. Fear

Be thankful for the fears that keep you safe and the ones that motivate you to overcome them and get you out of your comfort zone to become more confident.

53. Pain

For making you experience different range of emotions and making you appreciate the beauty of hope, faith, and happier days. 

54. Failures

I don’t like to use the word failure. Instead, I would say, lessons. All “so-called” bad experiences are lessons of what we should do and not, moving forward.

They make us stronger and give us better perspectives. They also save us from things that are not meant to be and point us in a better direction.

55. Laughter

If you were able to laugh today, it’s another thing to be thankful for. Laughter puts us in a good mood and reduces stress and pain. 

56. Breakups

For teaching us why that person is not good for us and what to look for in future relationships. And also for making us understand our worth.

57. A good cry

The ability to cry doesn’t come easily to everyone. When you can have a good cry, be thankful for it because it is a great way to release all stuck and pent-up emotions. A good cry makes you feel better and lighter. 

58. Challenges

Challenges are what make life interesting. They keep us engaged (as we need to solve problems) and help in personal growth as we try to get out of our comfort zones to deal with them.

59. Bad days

Bad days help us appreciate good days more and as a result, we learn to enjoy life’s little moments more positively. 

60. Deep conversations

Deep conversations with our loved ones enable us to share our deepest struggles and insecurities. They remind us that we are not alone in our struggles and that there is always someone to talk to. 

Deep conversations could be about anything – need not be about struggles. Such conversations help us to connect with like-minded people by spending quality time with them, and help us to get to know them more deeply. 

61. A hot shower

Let us not take the ability to take a hot shower on a cold morning for granted. The fact that you have access to hot water on demand to calm your mind and body is something to be grateful for.

62. Sunset and sunrise

The sight of the setting or the rising sun is something you can never get tired of. 

Not all sunsets and sunrises are the same. The sun can paint different colors each day, and we can never get enough of watching them. So the next time when you catch yourself watching a beautiful sunset, feel gratitude because you are living another day to watch the beautiful things in the world. 

63. The Earth

No matter how careless and cruel we are to the earth and Mother Nature, she keeps forgiving, she keeps healing and she keeps giving. Isn’t it a great example to learn to be? What the earth offers to us is endless and uncountable. Therefore, we can never stop thanking this wonderful planet and the fact that we get to live here.

64. Healthy food

If you can have healthy food as much as you want, you are luckier than most people in the world. And it is something you can never be thankful enough for. 

65. Fast food

For giving us those cheat days and letting us enjoy tasty food that we all crave. 

66. Blogs and YouTube channels

I am thankful to all those content creators – written and video – for making the effort to create content that helps people change their lives. 

These content creators provide helpful tips that make our lives easier and better. It is so easy to find solutions today due to these people and their efforts. 

67. Enemies

For teaching us patience, forgiveness, competitiveness, and tolerance. 

68. Social media

For connecting people from different parts of the world together and giving us knowledge about new things every day. 

69. Time

When we are thoughtful and grateful for the time we have every day, we will spend it more wisely and learn to enjoy the present moment more. 

70. The furniture in your home

The furniture converts your house into a home giving you warmth and coziness. They also help you to organize your belongings making your house more neat and clean, and add beauty to the interior. 

71. Home-cooked meals

Home-cooked meals help us to stay healthy and help us save money. It is a privilege to be able to have home-cooked meals thrice a day. 

72. Mobile apps

Today, let’s be thankful for all those apps – social networking, entertainment, financial, navigational, and educational – for the convenience they offer and for making our lives easier.

73. Art and creativity

Let’s be thankful to all those who create wonderful things (including ourselves), for their artistic skills as they are bringing more beauty into the world, showing what’s possible. 

74. Ability to manage time

If you are using your time well, and you are being your best productive self, be thankful as there are so many people who still haven’t mastered this art yet. 

75. Free time

“Guilt-free” free time is something I look forward to every week. When you have the luxury to have free time, be grateful you have the luxury to take some time off to rest. 

76. Amazon Prime

For unlimited everything and getting us the things we want sooner rather than later. 

77. Farmers’  markets

For fresher and cheaper locally produced goods and better varieties. 

78. Cool Inventions

Thanks to all those people since the history of time who come up with innovative ideas that make our lives better and better.

79. Paydays

One of the best days that come every month.

80. Appreciation from people

If you have people who appreciate your presence in their lives and people who applaud your skills, be grateful for them.

81. Ability to give value

For your ability to add value to the world through your skills. 

82. Happy memories

For making you remember good old experiences and keeping you smiling. 

83. Great artists and writers

For producing beautiful artwork and great books.

84. Nice hot baths

For helping you relax and making you healthier. 

85. Massages and spas

For helping you feel fresher and lighter, rejuvenating your energy and promoting youth. 

86. Hobbies

For helping you pass the time and bringing your creativity out. 

87. Weekends

Who doesn’t love weekends? They are the best days in a week after a week’s hard work. 

88. Chocolates

For being the ultimate comfort food. Thanks to the people who invented chocolate making from cocoa beans and all those who keep inventing tastier varieties. 

89. Flowers

For being so beautiful and giving comfort to our minds. When used as a gift, flowers have the power to lighten up the faces of our loved ones.

90. Being single 

You have the whole bed to yourself and you are at a phase where you have full freedom of your life. 

91. Siblings

For providing you with companionship while growing up, for having your back, for being your true friends, and for making your days never boring. 

92. Cousins

For being your siblings from another mother/father.

93. Grandparents

For spoiling you with their unconditional love and chocolates. 

94. God

For being always there for you no matter what and for being so forgiving. 

95. Sunday mornings

For letting you sleep in and eat cheat meals and just chill. 

96. Netflix

For providing entertainment and for giving little windows of time in your day to ease your worries and forget everything else. 

97. The feeling after a good workout session

Nothing can compare to the great feeling after a good sweat. That high feeling makes you proud of taking care of your physical health. Not everyone can exercise consistently and that’s something to be proud of. 

98. Cozy corner in your house

Do you have a cozy corner in your house? Or it could be your bedroom where you can get all cozy away from the noise of the household and relax with a book. Sitting in such a place gives you the break you need after a busy day. 

99. Green light in a traffic

Ever had a day where you got all green lights? It’s amazing to get green lights as you approach the light. Those are simple things that happen in your day, but never take even the silliest thing for granted as it is enough to boost your mood. 

100. First snow/First flower in the spring/ First rain in the monsoon

No matter how much you are used to the changing seasons, the first indicator of change in season is always worth being excited about. 

101. The smell of earth after the first rain

The smell of the earth after the first rain, called Petrichor brings nostalgic memories for many. It is also the time to express gratitude for the rain. 

102. Resorts and hotels

For giving you a chance to break routines and experience novelty. And for giving you a chance to relax and rest. 

103. Financial security 

For offering you peace of mind. 

They say money doesn’t bring happiness. But financial stability does solve a lot of our problems and plays a part in making our lives better and easier. 

104. Going for a swim

For keeping us healthy and reducing stress. 

105. Beaches

For the waves, sand, and beautiful sunsets.

106. Mountains

For the cool weather and the breathtaking views that make you forget everything else. 

107. The feeling after a big project

It gives you a high and you feel proud of yourself. 

108. Your accomplishment at work

We always look ahead and think about the work left to do, forgetting how far we have come. But reminding yourself about your past accomplishments and being thankful for them allows you to be happier. 

109. Recognition for work

Be thankful when people recognize your work and appreciate your talent even if it is a small artwork.

110. Knowing different languages

If you know more than one language, it is something to be proud of and be grateful about. 

111. Family traditions

For keeping family members together and connected in fun ways. 

112. Devices that make life easier

Be it a pedometer or cool kitchen gadgets, they make our lives easy. And they are worth being thankful about. 

113. Peace of mind

If we try, we can find peace even amidst all the chaos in life. That’s why a daily gratitude practice is important. It helps you to focus on what’s working in your life and bring peace of mind, rather than think about things that are not working. 

114. Kindle books

I am so thankful for my Kindle device for helping me buy books at a cheaper price and helping me save space. These books travel with me everywhere I go and are so easily accessible. 

115. Air conditioners

For obvious reasons. 

116. Wifi

For making the internet easily accessible at a lower cost. 

117. Eating out

For giving you a break from cooking. 

118. Your imagination

For helping you find solutions and for taking you to the fantasy world every once in a while. 

119. Solitude and quiet time

As an introvert, this is a basic need. But for even extroverts, this is something valuable. 

120. Grocery stores

For giving us the convenience of buying everything we want in one place.

121. Sports 

Sports keep us active and entertained, and boost happy hormones.

122. Being born as you

Being born as the person you are on this planet is one of the biggest things to be grateful for. There is no “other you” with the exact face, body, skills, and thoughts on this planet. 

Isn’t it mindblowing?

So love yourself, express gratitude for being you, and celebrate yourself.

123. Emails

For making it easy to communicate. 

124. Accomplishing a task before you intended

Did you think it would take 5 hours to complete a task, but you finished it in 3 and now you have an extra 2 hours in your day? That’s the best day ever.

125. Good habits

Your good habits were not formed easily. There is your hard work behind them. Be thankful for having the ability, knowledge, and willpower to choose good habits day after day.

126. Education

If you have received a good education, you are luckier than most people. Education gets you to where you want to be, faster. 

127. People who push you to do better

Today, take a moment to appreciate the people who force you to keep pushing and keep doing better.

128. Living in a safe country

So many people suffer in different countries due to war and poverty. If you are free from those and you have a government who do not force their crazy political ideas, you have something to be thankful for. 

129. Values and life lessons

They are there to help you grow and show you the direction forward. Values ground us in a good way to prioritize what is truly important to us, and they serve as a moral compass, guiding us in the direction of what we believe is right and ethical.

The life lessons we have learned from past experiences, both positive and negative, can offer important perspectives on how to navigate various challenges and opportunities. By reflecting on and learning from life lessons, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, others, and the world around us.

130. Being alive

What a wonderful reason to be thankful for! You still have time left to do what you want on this earth compared to people who are already gone with their dreams unfulfilled. 

If you think it’s too late to start anything now, let me tell you something – if you are still breathing, it’s not over!

131. Daily routines

The normalcy of daily routines is worth being thankful for. They make us feel safe and relaxed. 

132. Communities 

For connecting us with like-minded people and helping us develop good relationships. 

133. Gratefulness

The ability to understand gratitude, and its benefits and have an open heart to appreciate things. We can’t underestimate this, as many people don’t know the benefits of a gratitude practice. 

134. Blue sky

Blue skies evoke a sense of peace, tranquility and vastness. A blue sky evokes a feeling of openness and freedom. 

135. Airplanes

For taking us to all the corners of the world faster. 

136. Professionals

People who undertake all the different professions. If not for them, our lives would have been difficult. 

137. Clean sheets

Don’t you love the freshly laundered sheet days? It is a reminder that gratitude can be found in the smallest of things. 

138. Adventurous days

The hectic, everything-is-going-crazy days for testing our limits and getting us to do the unexpected things. 

139. Monuments

For reminding us of our ancestors’ culture and showing us a glimpse of their way of life. 

140. Digital camera

For helping us click as many pics as we want and thus freeze beautiful moments in time. 

141. A good night’s sleep

Woah! What a relief to even think about!

142. Desserts

Thanks to all the people who invented all the yummy desserts that can turn any bad day into good ones.

143. Camping and campfires

For helping us experience nature closely and enjoy the moon and stars and the rising sun awesomely. 

144. Stationery

For helping us scribble endlessly and doodle away all the worries. 

145. Moisturizers

For keeping our skin supple and soft. 

146. Growing up in the 90’s

One thing I am infinitely thankful about. For helping me experience the tech-free ordinary days. And helping me listen to music from the cassettes and tape recorder. 

147. Diversity

For bringing uniqueness to our culture and personalities. 

148. Ordinary days

Ordinary days are sometimes dull. But thanks to them, we experience stability and normalcy in our daily lives. I am so thankful for the ordinary days and my ordinary life. 

149. Modern Medicine

For live-saving treatments and surgical procedures, enhancing the quality of our lives. 

150. Indoor plumbing

Thanks to indoor plumbing, we have access to clean water all the time and we are saved from all the contamination and water-borne diseases that plagued our ancestors. 

Final Words

This list can go on and on, and never end. This means, at any given point in time, we have numerous things to be thankful for. We just need to train ourselves to see the good in every situation.

What would you add to the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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